Hi, I’m Rhiannon

I'm a photographer and digital content producer from the Wild West of Wales; you’ll notice this from my over-usage of the word ‘lush’. You can usually find me filming and photographing people, places and plates (I mean food, but the three p’s were too lush to pass up on). I regularly meet new people from all over the world, and I’m so lucky to have the opportunity to travel around this glorious country.


‘I hate having my picture taken…’

Me too! And I know we can get through that awkward first shot. Not everyone loves taking a selfie, and not everyone knows how to smile naturally. But I’m here to take pictures that you will love. This won’t be like school photo day, I’m not going to make you comb your hair or tuck your shirt in. I’m going to take that shot that makes you feel like you.


Food Photo-graphy

Food photography is one of my greatest passions. It differs completely from my usual photography and means using specialised and different skills - from the food styling to the lighting (and tasting, obvs). This passion and interest has allowed me to work with my beautiful little yogi soul sister Ceri Lloyd of SAIB social. You will be able to buy her lifestyle and recipe book at the end of 2019 - and yes, all pictures are by yours truly.


Brand Photo-graphy

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, artist, artisan or blogger…. I’d love to help you showcase your brand. Whether it’s a product, a place or a face. I will work closely with you to push yourself, to visualise your brand and your vibe. Let’s find your audience and give them what they want!